I didn’t feel the need to apologise
It’s not my fault that you and I were here
But what ensued as a result of your attentions
Has occurred, and that’s a fact that won’t disappear.

And my red-headed friend
Has declined to ever let me call you a man
And my light-hearted pixie girl
Is saying I should take it if I can.

But if there’s something in my way,
Should I bend to its will?
Should I let this morning come and trip me?
Should I let my guardian fall?

I was so, so sure.

And this pill, flowing through my system
Is making me say things I’d never say before
It felt mildly artificial,
But at least I know you’d keep her warm.

I was so, so sure.

I have loved you well beyond my means
Leaving you with the bitter taste that runs through conquest’s deepest seams,
Streaking to the surface.
Twenty-one years and I still haven’t learned
The meaning of the word “no”.

I was so, so sure.
But now I don’t even know myself.


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