The Letter

I would have written you a letter,
Scrawled in black ink across the pale page.
But alas, I did not want you to

Read too deep
Into my choice of seal.

It is an “X”
In dark, red wax.

Sealed with a kiss
From my own rouged lips,
Just like you once were.
I am well aware that I didn’t post a blog for last Sunday. Take this as my apology. I don’t write poetry very often these days. I do however write a lot more letters.
x N


I am longing for a handsome naked friend
To lie here beside me
To whisper to me softly
Kiss my forehead sweetly
Yes, I have a specific one in mind,
But tonight, anyone will do.

You’re not the only one who’s lonely.


“Why, hello there, sir!
You seem a lover-ly sir!
Such a lover-ly sir!
Do you have some peanuts?”

That’s what I said to the sir. He had no peanuts to give me. He just looked at me through a big, black eye that made a funny noise when it blinked.


Like a snappin’ twig! CRICK!

The sir didn’t scare me, no no no! My mother always said one should be scared of sirs, but he was a NICE sir. A lover-ly sir! All peanuts and fruit and lover-ly! Mother would be proud o’ him if he was a one of ussems, but he wasn’t an ussems. He was a sir, but no barky-barkys here. No string-falls, no trap, no trap. Not this sir!

Like I told you, told you, told you again! He was a lover-ly sir!

He smelled like he would have peanuts.


Image is “Tame Squirrel” by Jerry Cooke.


What are you doing at my door?
Somebody ought to tell you
That it’s polite to knock.
But using of fangs is always such a rude gesture…
Somebody should tell them it’s just how I say ‘hello’
When I invite my little crrrrritters
In for our dinner parrrrrrty.

You with your big, round eye
I see you with all of mine
Away! Away!
You big black creature blocking the ssssssun!



Image is “Hello Red Eyes…” by Fanoom

Remnants typed on my iPod

I just whipped this up a few months ago. It’s not poetry, it isn’t really prose. It isnt really even that good. (Okay it’s terrible.)

But because I am direly failing at the BEDA concept (I’m what, FIVE days behind?) I figured I could post it.

Hell, I do it all the time otherwise!

On a side note, this is the first time I have updated my blog from an email. Hopefully it will work. If you are reading this, then it appears I had nothing to fear.

– N


I am nothing more than your shadow,
Your widow, your blind side.
The girl you will never see properly,
The way I wished you would.
Don’t threaten me with ignorance.
Don’t threaten me with cruelty.
Don’t threaten me with cool, calm deliverance into the arms of despair,
Because whatever you offer me,
I am sure to take it,
Because it came from you.