Open Letter #15 – To George Proestos

From Facebook

This letter was written and sent to George Proestos (left) via Facebook message a few days ago. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a spare $18 lying around to get it sent through to George’s inbox (turns out he’s quite a popular young man), so it’s probably languishing unnoticed in cyberspace. Either way, I wanted to get this little message through, so I figured this would be the best way to do it.

I’ve left a link to this post in the comment section for his video on Facebook, all in the name of an open conversation.


Hi George,

I’m writing to you in regards to a video you posted on Facebook yesterday, titled “How to fuck up a street performance”.

Click through to see the post in question. It will open in a new window.

As a creator of videos, I’m sure you find it tough when someone takes a dump on something you’ve taken the time to plan and make and post online. What you did to Gordo (the street drummer whose kit you tackled) was just like that – it was, to use the technical term, a “dick move”.

You know what would have been way cooler? If instead of ruining everyone’s fun by stopping someone else being creative, you’d added something to it.
I confess, I stalked your Facebook page a bit, and found a mention that you rap. That’s great! But this means that you effectively missed a massive opportunity to practice and show off what you can do in a public area, in front of a sizable audience. Why didn’t you choose to freestyle over the rhythm? Or maybe you could have used it as a base for some new rhymes? That would have been AWESOME!

Here’s an example of the magic that can happen when artists spontaneously collaborate:

Would you like to know what happened to the lady in that video afterwards? (It was pretty damn great…)

Basically, rather than ruining somebody’s day, you could have made it way better. Instead of fucking up a street performance, you could have created something beautiful.

As artists (for the record, I write a bit from time to time), we need to work together with other artists to grow and get better at what we do, not knock each other down (metaphorically or physically).

Maybe you should be the bigger man and reach out to Gordo with an apology, and perhaps something amazing could come of this unfortunate encounter – something that benefits both of you, and gives the rest of the world something to smile about as well.

I hope you feel what I’m saying. Let’s work together to make the world more awesome.

Kind regards and best wishes,

– Noni


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