Ending January

I have a very exciting week coming up.

On Wednesday (yes, that would be Australia Day), I head to Sydney. SEVEN HOURS on public transport, so I can see this AMAZING LADY.

Before heading to that exciting event, I’ll head to The Rocks to see THIS DASHING FELLOW.

THEN, on Thursday night, after a day of milling around in the city, I’ll head to the Vanguard in Newtown for THIS BAND OF MAGNIFICENCE. (Which will sadly be one of their last Sydney gigs…)

And THEN, I head back to Bathurst on Friday for my mate Cookie’s 30th drinks et cetera, and spend the weekend in Batho before heading back to Dubbo for the ultimate downer on Sunday.

Busy, busy, busy!


If you’re in the Sydney area are interested in a catch up, drop me a line on Twitter!



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