Okay, so I’m sure we all caught on that Monday was Singles Awareness Day/Blood Pump Day/Valentine’s Day/a Hallmark Holiday which is all full of bullshit anyway.

I literally wrote this in the last 10 minutes. I’m tired and have a mildly upset tummy. This is unedited written-down brain-vomit.

But it’s Valentine’s Week (or something), and I kinda like it, so I’m going to post it here, in its rawest of forms. Thoughts would be appreciated. I don’t know what this will become. Maybe lyrics. Maybe nothing.

Maybe just another meaningless blog on the World Wide Web.

But it has been born, it has a name, and now, a place to live.

Enjoy it if you must.

x ND


If I had a lover to call my own
I’d hold him close inside my bed
And call him “my bug”,
Pulling the blankets tight.

If I had a lover that was completely mine,
I’d tell him riddles he’d understand
And he’d say, “I’m not sure why you ask me these things
And not what we’re making for dinner.”

If a lover had me, he’d ask so sweetly,
“Will you be mine? And only mine?”
And I would say,
“I am my own, but I’m willing to share me sometimes.”

And if he were you, we’d lie beneath the stars
Picking out the constellations like a patchwork,
Listening to albums,
Listening to speeches over the radio.
We’d fumble at night time, like careless teenagers,
And you would always show me up.

If I had a lover, we’d share secret plans,
Of Middle East peace and invention schemes.
We’d write bad poetry long past midnight
And sleep in ’til long after noon.

And if he were you, I’d be a bundle of bliss,
Ticking off desires with a biro.
Counting down dreamings,
Throwing off expectations already reached.
We’d tickle each other, just for reactions,
‘Til we were flat on our backs, laughing at the world.

If you were my lover, imagine the trails we would weave and leave through time and space, like the shimmering stars that we are.
If you were my lover, we’d dance in the forest, dressed in a quilt, as rain poured down around us.
If you were my lover, it would all be a lie, but what a lie to live.


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